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• Equipped with the KETTLER “Energy Deck”: running surface
   mounted on Energy Elements for a more agile running style
   thanks to Energy Rebound
• Interconnectivity possible with Sports APPs (such as
   Kettmaps), Sports Timepieces and Heart Rate Monitors.
• High Quality Training Computer with user-friendly menu
   navigation in your language.
• 190 x 110 mm LC Display.
• Customized View: configurable Training Screen for
   personalized data selection
• Guided Running: Includes extensive selection of training
   programmes, described in accompanying training planner

• High-performance AC motor with 4 hp continuous output
• Speed: 0.5-22 km/h (in 0.1 km/h-steps)
• Incline: 0-12 % automatically adjustable (in 1.0 % steps)
• Running surface size: 153 x 55 cm

• Speaker, Ventilator, Tablet Holder, Bracket for Sports
• Additional buttons on handrails for regulation of speed and
• Two placement areas of soft plastic material for drinking
   bottles and utensils
• Foldable running surface with Soft-Drop mechanism
• Transport castors, height compensation, safety-stop
   mechanism with safety clip

KETTLER TRACK treadmills communicate with APPs and
sports timepieces
Additional treadmill equipment features.
The future is now.
The variety and types of sports APPs and interconnective 
fitness equipment are growing and changing rapidly.
Whether it’s a sports timepiece or an APP: new products and
updates for software and operating systems are now everyday
KETTLER TRACK treadmills are ready for these digital
developments.And the use of standardized transmission
protocols, these treadmills will remain compatible with future
software offerings.


Maximum weight load: 175 kg

1. A growing number of sports APPs can be used with
KETTLER products
More and more sports Apps are adopting the same
transmission standard as KETTLER. This enable the use of
a growing number APPs on the market. For example, how
about a running session in the Zwift APP? No problem!
The KETTLER TRACK treadmill will transfer the running
speed to the APP.

2. Communicate with Sports Timepieces and Heart Rate
With chest belts, timepieces etc., a harmonization of the
transmission standard is also taking place. Many chest
straps, sports timepieces and optical heart rate monitors
are already compatible with KETTLER TRACK treadmills.

3. KETTMaps is the training software from KETTLER. More
than 120,000 km on visually realistic video course material
are guaranteed to bring diversity to your training routine.
From the short run all the way to the Alpine Crossing:
there is a course for every performance level and every
requirement. At every hour of the day, open training
sessions begin in which one can compete and compare with
like-minded persons. For example: how about a mountain
stage after getting off work? No problem: Kettmaps has
offerings for runners, cyclists und rowers

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