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World premiere only in the Kettler treadmills of the Track series
Where once the air systems or gel pads offered a comfortable
shock absorption, today the ‘Energy Elements’ have even
merged with the soles of running shoes (eg ADIDAS Boost).
This material has a significant advantage, in addition to the
damping power: the rebound effect that contributes to a faster
and more agile style of running.
Kettler is the first to use this new ENERGY technology on
The runway is mounted along the entire length (variable length
depending on the models) on “Energy Elements”, which return
the impact of the foot in the form of energy.
The old racing plan becomes a racing plan full of energy!

1. More responsive, faster, more performance, more secure
Thanks to the Rebound effect, you can run faster and more
dynamically on the new Kettler TRACK treadmill. Muscle
activity increases, allowing targeted training of the leg
muscles. This means that the performance made on the
Energy Deck is particularly powerful!

2. Optimum shock absorption and longer life
The “Energy Elements” have a unique structure in
agglomerated micro spheres. These elastomers provide
an exceptional shock absorption capacity. In addition,
the material returns to its original position, creating the
rebound effect in the form of energy, a precious push to get
back on its feet quickly. Compared to the normal rubber
used “absorber”, it does not lose elasticity. Even after many
years, the amortization capacity remains almost unchanged.

3. Less noise and more comfort during the race
The “Energy Elements” are very large, consequently the
vibrations and recoils on the treadmill frame are reduced to
a minimum. This new system allows you to run more quietly
and more comfortably than treadmills built with traditional
shock absorbers.


Maximum weight load: 150 kg

• Equipped with ‘Energy Deck’, travel plan mounted on
   “Energy Elements” for a more agile and performance style
   thanks to “Energy Rebound”
• Compatible with various APPs (eg KETT Maps), sports
   watches and heart rate monitors via BLUETOOTH
• High quality training computer with intuitive menu
   navigation in your language. Measures LCD display 
   190x110 mm.
• Configurable custom screen with customized selection of
   displayed data
• Running guide: manual that includes a wide selection of
   training programs that can be consulted by the user

• High performance DC motor with continuous 3CV output
• Speed: 1-20 km / h (with 0.1 km / h steps)
• Inclination: 0-12% automatically adjustable (with 1% steps)
• Dimensions of the running surface: 153 x 55 cm
• Hi-fi speakers, fan, support for tablet, bracket for 
• Additional controls on the handrails for speed and
   inclination adjustment
• Two objects in soundproof plastic, for water bottles / bottles
   and other small tools
• Fold-away runner top with Soft-Drop mechanism to reduce
   bulk after use
• Transport wheels and safety key with clips included

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